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Trainer Kite
Code: 85000.200003
Kite, bag, control system with hand leash.

Where it all begins

Launch safely into flight with our stable yet responsive 3-line trainer kite. The North Pioneer teaches the fundamentals of kite flying in 5 to 20 knots of wind, allowing you to master the basics of kite control and power management safely before you hit the water. The 3-line design enables easy single-handed relaunch - ideal for using alone or in group lessons. Whether you’re just starting out, or it’s time to teach your friends and family, you’ll enjoy the attention to detail our designers have put into the Pioneer - making learning to fly a breeze.


  • Easy to fly self-landing and launching 3-line design
  • Stable in the sky - doesn't overfly
  • Durable nylon canopy with 13 individual cells and individual ribs
  • High-quality Dyneema control lines
  • Simplified low-tangle bridle with safety line
  • Mesh-covered front entry with velcro on trailing edge wingtips for easy sand removal
  • Go Green. Premium recycled PET kite bag meets Global Recycling Standard