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Why you should join the members club

Once your lessons are completed with us, we recommend getting yourself a Kiteboarding Australia Membership.
KA (kiteboarding Australia) offers a membership program for all new and current kitesurfers and wingers, with many great benefits and safety factors for the members. Each membership is renewed annually and there is different types for everyone, click the button below to learn more.
Kiteboarding Australia is a non-for-profit organisation run by passionate volunteers all supporting this sport and its riders. 

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So What are the Benefits?

Public Liability Insurance
Kitesurfing & Winging is an extreme sport and whether on the water or on the beach there are risks. We have the most comprehensive public liability insurance for extreme water sports giving you up to 20m AUD in cover. Public liability coverage includes recreational participation. 

Personal Accident Insurance 
The personal accident policy covers you for expenses that may arise when you hurt yourself kitesurfing or winging. This aspect of the insurance also covers you for loss of income if you are unable to work due to your accident. Personal accident coverage includes recreational participation.

Entry for Events 
There are multiple KA/KSA events ran through out the year, these include wave riding comps, freestyle comps, Social downwinders, season openers, foiling and winging events. Your membership will let you participate with insurance during kitesurfing or winging event sanctioned by KA.

Beach and Riding Access 
Access to your favourite beaches around the country is fundamental to your enjoyment of the sport. KA are committed to representing the sport to local councils and government bodies to assist with open beach access for kitesurfing.

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