About our kitesurfing lessons

Firstly we are located in Ozone Reserve, Henley Beach. Adelaide. We supply all the kiteboarding gear and wetsuits for lessons. But if you have your own wetsuits please bring that. 

Lesson 1

Learning key aspects of kitesurfing.
- Set up and layout of kite rig.
- Understanding of wind directions and beach hazards.
- Go through safety functions.
- Landing and launching.
- First Flight (First flight is done in waist deep water)
- Introduction to body dragging.
- Self rescue.

Lesson 2
Its time to get wet!
Hit the water and lean how to body drag. Feel the pull of the kite and learn to retrieve your board.

Lesson 3
Your almost there! Its now time to put the board on your feet and begin board starts. From this point onwards you're on the way to riding.

Lesson 4
Continue to work on your riding skills and board manoeuvring, now ready to share the stoke. 

*Both 1 on 1 and 2 on 1 lessons have the same type of lesson structure.